Fire Clouds

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Friday, February 8, 2019

In This Edition:
Job requirements, icon design, Android nearby notifications, book self-publishing, deep water Vs big waves, The Scratch's Cúnla and Adam West!

The winter sun has served up some lovely sunsets on the rain-free days this week, check out this video that I made of some amazing fire clouds! :-)

50% Job Requirements Enough

Image: Talent Works

Talent Works analysed 6000+ applications across 118 industries and have found that applicants are as likely to get an interview when meeting 50% of the advertised job requirements as meeting 90% of the requirements. The also found that women who match at least 30% of the requirements have increasing chances of getting an interview.


Common Icon Design Issues

Image: Yellow Stroke

Yellowstroke have a nice post on common icon design issues that are best avoided, such as complex, abstraction, imbalance and irrelevance.


Android Nearby Discontinued

Image: WCCFTech

Back in October 2018, Android discontinued support for nearby notifications because the feature was being used too much for spammy notifications. This is why marketers can't have nice things! :-p


How To Self Publish A Book

Image: Date Science Heroes, Pablo Casas

Pablo Casa over at Data Science Heroes has a great soup to nuts post on self publishing a book with tips and links to resources.

Deep Water or Big Wave Problem


More platinum wisdom was delivered by Seth Godin in his blog this week when he talks about the perception of problems. If you are dealing with a deep water problem, like swimming in a deeper pool than normal, the effort needed to swim is the same as in a shallow pool. The same effort just a bigger landscape. However, if you usually surf 6 foot waves and try to surf 25 foot waves, a huge additional effort is needed in a similar landscape. Learning to tell the difference is important! :-)


Cúnla - The Scratch

Image: YouTube, The Scratch

Acoustic metal legends The Scratch are back with a class tune and wacky video! Cúnla is an adult interpretation of the ancient sean-nós song, with a large portion of The Scratch humour. :-) Check out the video premiering on GoldenPlec here.


Funny Thing of the Week: Batman talks to Bruce Wayne

Image: Twitter, YUXLOA

Saturday mornings in my childhood started off with a double bill of Adam West's Batman, which were great! At the time however, the true level of hilarity was lost on my child mind, and only now looking back on clips can I appreciate the true comic genius of the show. Case in point, this Twitter thread and the clips within, enjoy!


See you next week!

See you next week :-)

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