Panoramic Wheel, Limerick

Image: The Panoramic Wheel, Limerick. This image is available to licence on EyeEm.


Friday, April 12, 2019

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Irish universities impact, Tensorflow Lite on microcontrollers, M87 black hole, Stack Overflow developers survey, GoT, 737-Max crashes & Derry Girls!

On a recent trip to Limerick, I played tourist and went on the panaromic wheel! The weather was cracking and the view of the river was fantastic. I got a few nice shots up there, including the one below of The Fortress.


NAWR #35 - Sarah Angliss, Sarah Gabriel & Stephen Hiscock, Cath & Phil Tyler, Good News from the Future

Image; Phil Tyler on Banjo

This week at NAWR we hosted a fantastic evening of movement and music from Good News From The Future, Cath & Phil Tyler, Sarah Angliss, Sarah Gabriel and Stephen Hiscock. Check out the photos of the concert here.


Glynn Vivian at Night - Fiona Banner, Dr. Jenn Kirby

Last weekend Jenn played in the Glynn Vivian in Swansea in response to Fiona Banner's art exhibition. Check out the photos from the event here.

Swansea Laptop Orchestra at Swansea City Centre Conference

This week The Swansea Laptop Orchestra played a lunchtime concert at the Swansea City Centre Conference in the LC Swansea. Check out the photos from the gig here.

Irish Universities Impact


The seven Irish universities published a report this week on the impact of graduates on the Irish economy. It turns out, university graduates contribute €8.9 billion each year! You can read the full report on


Tensorflow Lite for Microcontrollers

Image: Pete Warden

Pete Warden from the Tensorflow Lite team has published a post on his blog about using Tensorflow Lite on a microcontroller board to do voice recognition. The machine learning model in this case uses 20KB of flash storage with Tensorflow light using 25KB and needing 30K of RAM to run.


The First Picture of a Black Hole

Image: EHT Collaboration

Scientists at the Event Horizon Telescope project released the first ever picture of a black hole this week! Using a data from an array of telescopes around the globe, the team combined the massive amounts of data to create the image of M87. Dr. Katie Bouman created the machine learning interferometry algorithm used to combine the data and produce the image of the event horizon. Check out her TED talk describing at a high level how the algorithm works


Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019

Image: Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow have published the results of their 2019 developer survey. Javascript remains king of the languages, and VBA is the most dreaded language!


Game of Thrones Deaths

Image: Washington Post

In anticipation of the final season of Game of Thrones, The Washington Post has updated its fabulous data-vis of all the deaths in Game of Thrones, included the most proficient killers! Winter is nearly here.

737 Max Sensor Crashes

Image: The New York Times

On a more serious note, The New York Times has a chilling interactive data-vis showing how the recent Boeing 737-Max crashes were caused by faulty software and an over-reliance on a single angle of attack sensor.

TV Review: Derry Girls Season 2

Image: Channel 4

Season 2 of Derry Girls just finished with a fantastic finale this week. The show continues with the humour of season 1 while adding some extra hit-you-in-the-emotions poingant you're crying!

"It's a fuckin state of mind"!


See you next week!

See you next week :-)

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