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Friday, May 10, 2019

In This Edition:
Eco Passenger, Climate & Biodiversity Emergency, Swearch, Which Visualization, company culture blueprint and emergence!

A quote from The Daily Stoic email stuck with me this week: Prevail over what happens and decide what comes next.

Eco Passenger

Image: Eco Passenger

Eco Passenger is a handy website that allows you to compare the environmental impact of trips across mainland Europe. TL;DR; Take the train.



Climate & Biodiversity Emergency

Image: Twitter, Eamon Ryan

Following the release this week of a summary of a 1,500 page UN report detailing how humans are accelerating the extinction of up to one million plant and animal species, the Green Party in Ireland have successfully passed an amendment to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency in government. Ireland is the second country to do this, following the UK. Changing words is relatively easy in this case, the action required will not be easy but is essential.



Image: Swearch

Swearch is an interesting tumblr project created by Dublin based art director Niall Staines. The site creates a palette of colours for a movie based on the pre-loader colour returned from a google images search for that movie.


Which Visualization

Image: Medium, Steven Franconeri

Steven Franconeri has created a nice data visualisation reference guide that helps you choose how to display data based on the structure of the data rather than on how people want to see the data.

Company Culture Blueprint


If you are looking for a blueprint on how to operate a good company culture, this Seth Godin blog post is a great place to start. Testing falsifiable assertions in a supportive a progressive environment is the goal.


Emergence & Diversity


Quartz has an interesting article about how John H Holland's Emergence in computer science theory could be applied to understanding and managing diversity in the workplace. Emergence investigates how the whole can be different from the sum of its parts, or how an entity can have behaviours that its parts do not have on their own. The author Andrea Jones-Rosey posits that this can be used to explain why a company that does it's best to foster diversity may not be recognising the issues that are causing homogeneity to emerge.



See you next week!

See you next week :-)

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