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Friday, May 17, 2019

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So long Swansea, NAWR #36, network infections, Cloudflare image resizing, London Police facial recognition, It's Alright, Raise The Roof protest, exam invigilator and Best of Enemies

This is my last Found This Week from Swansea, the birthplace of this blog :-(
Next week, I move to Scotland. So long Swansea, and thanks for all the photos :-)

NAWR #36 - Siwan Rhys & Tim Parkinson, Viridian, [email protected]

Last Friday, Siwan Rhys and Tim Parkinson performed Mwy na digon..., a specially commissioned piece by composer Angharad Davies and NAWR #36. We also had a fantastic perfomance by Bristol based ensemble Viridian, followed by a CoDI Interact composer panel discussion. Check out the photos from the event here.


Modelling Network Infection

Image: meltingasphalt.com

Kevin Simler has a fascinating interactive post on meltingasphalt.com describing how infections or ideas spread within a network of nodes. The spread of a contagion through a network can be used to not only model disease propagation but also the spread of ideas or nuclear reactions.

Cloudflare Image Resizing

Image: Cloudflare

Cloudflare have launched an image resizing product for their Business and Enterprise level customers. The service offers resize, crop, compress and convert to WebP features and can be used with by replacing the image scr URL or by running Cloudflare worker to intercept image requests on the fly.


London Police Facial Recognition Trial

Image: Twitter, BBC Click

BBC Click published a video about a facial recognition trial conducted in East London by the Metropolitan Police. One day of the trial resulted in 3 arrests of suspects identified by the system. Alarmingly, the video also shows a passerby who covered his face in protest of being scanned being charged with disordly behaviour and issued with a £90 fine!


It's Alright - Delush feat Strange Boy

Image: Nialler9

Released this week, It's Alright is a mega-collab between Berlin based Irish artist Delush with up and coming Limerick MC Strange Boy. Not only is the track pure class, but the music video takes it to another level. Starting with scenes from a Limerick Suicide Watch intervention on the river Shannon, the video tells the story of a young man dealing with grief and turmoil in isolation while maintaining a strong face among his male friends. The music weaves throughout the scenes of strife like a lifeline offered to anyone struggling with their mental health with the soothing affirmation "You can fall, It's Alright". Powerful stuff.


4,000 Children Homeless In Ireland

Image: Twitter, ICHHDublin

There are 10,000 homeless people in Ireland, 4,000 of which are children. There will be a Raise The Roof protest at 1pm on Saturday May 18 in Parnell Square. If you are unhappy with how the Irish government is dealing with the homelessness crisis, the lack of public and affordable housing or the rising rental prices, please join Francis Black, Damien Dempsey, Paddy Casey, Grace Dyas and Emmet Kirwan and attend the Raise The Roof protest tomorrow.

Exam Invigilator - Foil, Arms & Hog

Image: Facebook, Foil, Arms & Hog

Dublin sketch comedy trio Foil, Arms & Hog hit the nail on the head this week with the exam invigilator video, check it out here or below.

TV Review: The Best of Enemies

Image: Netflix

This week I watched the Netlix documentary Best of Enemies. During the 1968 American Presidential campaign, the tradition among the TV networks was wall to wall coverage of both democratic and republican national conventions, where the party presidential candidates are decided. The ABC network was far behind NBC and CBS in market share, popularity and financial resources. As a result, they downgraded their coverage to nightly summaries, but need something else to attract viewers. In the process, they popularised the talking heads left versus right TV panel discussion format that is ubiquitous today.

Every night during both conventions, staunch right wing republican William F. Buckley Jr. sat alongside the extremely liberal and left wing Gore Vidal. The documentary tracks the progress of each TV debate like rounds of a boxing match. The contempt between the two is over-evident but is covered in a veil of intellectual argument and witty remarks, at least for a while, and is fascinating to watch. Unfortunately, the issues and topics discussed so eloquently by Buckly and Vidal fifty years ago in the U.S. are as relevant now as they were then.


See you next week!

See you next week :-)

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