Carnedd Llewelyn
Swanlork in Bangor, DevDocs.io, Oceans S1, bee arithmetic, scaling Postgres, million dollar vegan, AntBot, World Data Visualisation Prize and David McWilliams' Renaissance Nation! Read Now
Fire Clouds
Job requirements, icon design, Android nearby notifications, book self-publishing, deep water Vs big waves, The Scratch's Cúnla and Adam West! Read Now
The Mumbles
Picking colours, aeronautical font, Bodhi Linux - Media Release, Ireland Good Country #2, the prisoner's dilemma, Pass The Aux Cord and 20 instruments in a piano! Read Now
Golden Sunset
Speed of light, 1923 books, Google web components, Usk prison break, 1890s Paris, cut-throat Amazon Marketplace sellers, explain shell, Back & Forth, The HU & Sim Simma's Yamma Yamma! Read Now
Watchful Sunset
Oumuamua, Moon 360, AI research papers, Graphic Short Story Prize, immediate fossil fuel phaseout, NI border and Alias parasite smart device! Read Now
The boom is back!
Kirkos, Github free repos, IBM Q System One, 2018 wind, livable cities, Ireland underwater, 24.9B pixel Shanghai, on-call wargames, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century and Arnie motivation! Read Now
Lahinch Sunset
Holiday Radio, Bill Gates, Chinese Moon landing, insect eye cam, uisce salach workshop and music network management! Read Now
Swansea Bay Sunset
Favourite TV shows, movies, albums, podcasts of 2018, IPCC Climate Change report, Frankie Boyle's review of 2018 and Repeal the 8th Read Now


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