Items of Interest

Semantic HTML

Ken Bellows has a nice introduction to semantic HTML over on While reading it, I realised that I started learning HTML 20 years ago this year! I've come along way since framesets, but not far enough apparently, time to break out some more of these fancy new tags! (Although, I do find it difficult to use <strong> instead of <b>, <b> is so much faster to type!)

The Problems With Software Hiring

Nikita Prokopov has a superb blog post about how a lot of tech companies approach the hiring of software engineers incorrectly. He pulls no punches in describing how impractical it is to write code on a whiteboard, not being able to run and test interview code, the irrelevance of puzzles and the missed opportunities when not customising interviews to the interviewee. I could not agree more with everything in this post!

Generative Aphex Twin

Alex Bainter has a good explainer post on Medium about how he used Markov Chains to generate a much longer version of Aphex Twin's aisatasana. Using a JSON representation of a MIDI file of the track, he built a Markov Chain system to generate over four million unique phrases which can play for over 451 days without repetition of a phrase. The result is available to listen to on

Wia Dot One

Dublin IoT company Wia have released their first physical product, the Dot One. The IoT maker board is designed to help people discover the world of electronics and engineering using plug and play modules like buttons and sensors, without needing any programming experience. The Dot One board has built in WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.2 and a dual core 32-bit processor. It is available to pre-order at €24.99 on the Wia website.

Podcast Of The Week: The Blindboy Podcast Live with Ellie Kisyombe & Michelle Darmody

In the second half of this podcast episode, Blindboy plays an excellent and important live interview with Ellie Kisyombe abd Michelle Darmody, the founders of Our Table. Our Table is a non-profit organisation that "aims to build an awareness of food in multicultural Ireland and to highlight that the current system of Direct Provision is deeply flawed".