Items of Interest

On-Call War Games

The New York Times has an interesting piece on how they developed war game scenarios to train on-call engineers on their web platforms. The procedures have the dual result of preparing documentation and toolkits for recovery scenarios while also making engineers more confident about being on-call.

24.9 Billion Pixel Shanghai

The government of Shanghai commissioned a 24.9 Billion Pixel photograph of the city by BigPixel. The fidelity and scale of the image is incredible, from the top of a skyscraper you can zoom into leaves on a tree! I dare you not to spend time zooming in and exploring, and just when I thought I had had enough, I realised that the image is 360 degrees, you can turn around and see the rest of the city!

Ireland Underwater in 80 years

Environmental write John Gibbons was interviewed by Mario Rosenstock on TodayFM this week about climate change. The 11 minute interview is worth listening to and includes some hard hitting scenarios about how bad the effects of climate change could be, depending on whether we act now or not. The above illustration shows the devastating effect a 3m+ rise in sea levels would have on Ireland.

Livable Cities

Jason Kottke posted an interesting piece on about Donald Appleyard's book Livable Cities. Research conducted by Appleyard in the book shows the impact of cars and traffic on neighbourhood connects through 3 streets of varying traffic levels.

IBM Q System One

At CES this week IBM launched the first ever commercial quantum computer, the IBM Q System One. The 20 qubit complete system is housed in an air-tight 9 foot glass cube. IBM has also launched an open-source quantum computing framework called Qiskit, for use within IBM Q.

Munster V Leinster

The annual Christmas Munster rugby match against Leinster was a bit later this year, but it certainly wasn't without excitement and controversy! It was great to see the Moyross express return to Thomond Park though! :-) You can check out some photos of the match that I took from the East Terrace here.