Items of Interest

Dandelion Flight

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have discovered a method of flight used by dandelion seeds that has never before been observed in nature. The seed's bristles form ring shaped air bubbles above the seed as air passes through and these bubbles, called "the separated vortex ring" create resistance and act as a parachute, allowing the dandelion seed to travel on the air up to a kilometer in distance.

The Pudding

I recently re-discovered The Pudding, a fantastic datavis site that uses visual essays to explain cultural ideas, such as the proliferations of repetitive pop lyrics and hip-hop vocabulary, a visual history of every Air Jordan and gender parity in the U.S. and U.K. governments.

Adobe Max

The Adobe MAX 2018 event demonstrated a plethora of AI enabled "multimedia" tools from Adobe this year. The innovations include the Moving Stills project which automatically generates an animated fly-through from a static image, ProjectKazoo which allows the user to hum a tune and generate sampled instrumental music from it and Fontphoria which automatically generates a custom font from one letter of a newly designed font. Check out these and the rest of the projects on the Adobe Blog.

Exeter V Munster

Last weekend I travelled down to Exeter for Munster's first Heineken Europpean Champions Cup match at home to Exeter in Sandy Park. The teams cam away with an even 10 points in the end. I took a few photos from the North Terrace which you can see here.

Podcasts Of The Week: Media MomentsBaz & Andrew's House of Rugby

The reincarnation of The Hard Yards podcast rose to life this week in its new form, Baz & Andrew's House Of Rugby, hosted by former Munster 13 Barry Murphy and former Ulster winger Andrew Trimble. The mixture of banter and chat with proper rugby analysis is spot on and fantastically fills the rugby podcast void that fans of The Hard Yards have been stranded in since this season kicked off in September.