Items of Interest

Jumping Robots!

Boston Dynamics have released footage of Atlas doing parkour jumps from leg to leg! Also this week, researchers at Berkeley have developed the second iteration of a one legged jumping robot called Salto 1-P which can accurately control it's jumping patterns and trajectory.

Cardiff Blues A V Munster A

This week I was back pitchside in The Cardiff Arms Park, this time for the visiting Munster A match against the Cardiff Blues A side. Munster A were leading at half time and pulled away in the second half with 3 tries from Sean French, Keynan Knox and Alex McHenry. Cardiff A made a comback towards the but Munster managed to hold on to a one point lead and won the match 32-33. You can see my photos from the match here.

Sans Forgetica

The Behavioural Business Lab at RMIT University Melbourne Australia worked with RMIT lecturer and typographer Stephen Banham to create a new font called Sans Forgetica. The font is designed to invoke enough cognitive processing in the brain to prevent the scanning of the text and to prompt the brain to engage in deeper processing, thus enhancing memory retention. The aim of the font is to help students remember their study notes. Sans Forgetica is available as a free download and a Chrome extension.

The Goblin & Planet Nine

A dwarf planet named The Goblin has been discovered in a large elongated orbit within our solar system beyond pluto. The planet is just an estimated 300km and takes 40,000 years to loop around the sun. The large orbit of The Goblin is believed to be influenced by the hypothesised existence of Planet Nine on the outer reaches of the solar system.

Londis DCU AI Store

The Londis on the DCU Glasnevin campus is to launch a state of the art AI powered inventory management and pricing system. The system will use a Panasonic vision system to monitor shelf activity as well as a dynamic pricing system using digital tags on the shelves of the newly refurbished store at the new DCU Student Centre.