Items of Interest


Researchers at CNRS and Aix-Marseille University, in the Institut des Sciences du Mouvement – Étienne Jules Marey (ISM) have developed a robot that can navigate outdoors without GPS. The AntBot mimics the cataglyphis desert ants, which navigate using an internal celestial compass based on the sky's polarised light combined with counting their steps taken.

Million Dollar Vegan Campaign

Animal farming is the leading river in climate change, deforestation and species lost. The million dollar vegan campaign has issued a challenge to Pope Francis that if he goes vegan for lent, they will donate one million dollars to charity. The campaign wants to raise awareness for how trying vegan for lent can start the world down the road of halting climate change. Check out the video below fronted by activist Genesis Butler on how the 12 years the planet has to halt climate change isn't very much time at all.  

Scaling Postgres

Gajus Kuizinas has an interesting post over on Medium Programming about the lessons learned in scaling a Postgres database to 1.2bn records per month, including the different hosting options and data management and indexing techniques.

Bee Arithmetic

Researchers from RMIT University in Melbourne conducted an experiment that showed that bees can perform addition and subtraction arithmetic by associating abstractions such as colour to the operators and performing calculations within a maze in search for sugar water.

Oceans S1

Team Oceans have launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce an ultrasonic communication watch for underwater divers. The watch allows for buddy communication underwater by sending an ultrasonic pulse that is detected by other watches in the vicinity, which then vibrate to grab the attention of the wearer.

HT to the Syntax podcast for mentioning, a website that has all the docs for every programming language in one place. It is also a progressive web application, which means you can cache the docs for offline reading!