Items of Interest

Bodhi Linux - Media Release

Dr. Guiseppe Torre of the Digital Media and Arts Research Centre at the Universoty of Limerick has created a free linux distro called Bodhi Linux - Media Release. The distro includes a list of pre-installed free software that digital artists can use to build, create, program, edit and stream graphic, video, photo ad 3D art and music.

Amazon Marketplace Cut-Throat Sellers

This is a fascinating long read by The Verge about the cut-throat goings on between super-competitive Amazon Marketplace sellers. A sub-industry has formed of "Amazon Lawyors" that help sellers recover from attacks by other sellers. Sellers have learnt to use new rules and terms against each other whenever Amazon introduces new legislation to their marketplace. When the hoverboards started exploding, Amazon cracked down on flammable products.

1919 Dáil Eireann & Usk Prison Break

This week Ireland celebrated the centenary of the first Dáil in 1919. An article on tells the remarkable story of the prison break of Joe McGrath TD (a member of the Dáil), Barney Mellows and George Geraghty from Usk prison in Wales on the same day. The three Republicans pretended to be American tourists and tried to head for the ferry in Fishguard but couldn't get a train.