Amazon Marketplace Cut-Throat Sellers

This is a fascinating long read by The Verge about the cut-throat goings on between super-competitive Amazon Marketplace sellers. A sub-industry has formed of "Amazon Lawyors" that help sellers recover from attacks by other sellers. Sellers have learnt to use new rules and terms against each other whenever Amazon introduces new legislation to their marketplace. When the hoverboards started exploding, Amazon cracked down on flammable products.


Coglode are back with another great behavioural pattern called Reactance. This is the scenario where controlling people's sense of freedom can trigger an angry motivation to regain it. An example in commerce is an online shop to uses too many scarcity game dynamics to scare the user into purchasing because there are only "2 seats left at this price" and the "offer ends in 2 minutes 12 seconds". Reactance occurs when the user is so put off by this that they decline to purchase anything out of spite.

Cracking The New York Times Bestseller List

Data scientist Albert-Lázló Barabási analysed the sales patterns of 4,493 fiction and non-fiction books that made the New York Times bestseller list for hardcovers over thee last decade. The findings show the most popular categories of fiction and non-fiction books, that most book sell the most in their first week and that new-comers are best placed for success with book launches in February of March.

Overcoming Failure

Taylor Pearson has a great post on overcoming failure, which he terms the Bucky Method after Buckminster Fuller. I won't spoil the article for you, it's worth reading to see how Taylor does a fine job of combining theories and thoughts from multiple sources into a structured methodology of advice and a practical framework to repeatedly work on projects while building constructive failure into the mix.


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