Ireland Underwater in 80 years

Environmental write John Gibbons was interviewed by Mario Rosenstock on TodayFM this week about climate change. The 11 minute interview is worth listening to and includes some hard hitting scenarios about how bad the effects of climate change could be, depending on whether we act now or not. The above illustration shows the devastating effect a 3m+ rise in sea levels would have on Ireland.

Tá / Yes

On a positive note, among the many wonderful things that happened in 2018, one of my favourite was when 66.4% of Ireland voted to repeal the 8th amendment to the constitution on May 26, 2018, and has since been passed into law. I could not have been more proud to be Irish this year.


Coglode are back with another great behavioural pattern called Reactance. This is the scenario where controlling people's sense of freedom can trigger an angry motivation to regain it. An example in commerce is an online shop to uses too many scarcity game dynamics to scare the user into purchasing because there are only "2 seats left at this price" and the "offer ends in 2 minutes 12 seconds". Reactance occurs when the user is so put off by this that they decline to purchase anything out of spite.


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