NASA Mars Insight

This week NASA successfully landed the Insight probe on the surface of Mars. Minutes after the probe landing, it sent back an image of the horizon of Mars. You can rewatch the entry, descent and landing from Insight Mission Control here.

New Galaxy Discovered

A team of astronomers have discovered a new galaxy called ANT 2 while working through data captured by the European Space Agency's GAIA satellite. The new galaxy previously went undetected because of its low density and position behind the shroud of the Milky Way's disc.

Knitted Sky Map

Australian software engineer Sarah Spencer hacked a 1980's knitting machine to create a massive equatorial star map, with the plan to exhibit it at the Electromagnetic Field Camp festival on Aug 31st, 2018. As a result, the star map is aligned with the night sky on the date of the festival!

Apollo 11 MOCR

The Internet Archive have released a collection of communications recordings from the Apollo 11 mission. The recordings contain hours of everyday mundane (if you can call space travel mundane :-p) communications between the astronuats and ground control.

The Goblin & Planet Nine

A dwarf planet named The Goblin has been discovered in a large elongated orbit within our solar system beyond pluto. The planet is just an estimated 300km and takes 40,000 years to loop around the sun. The large orbit of The Goblin is believed to be influenced by the hypothesised existence of Planet Nine on the outer reaches of the solar system.

Asteroid Explorers

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency have landed 2 biscuit tin sized MINERVA-II1 rovers on the Ryugu asteroid as have started sending back images as part of the Hayabusa 2 project. The rovers robots jump around the asteroid with in air times up to fifiteen minutes due to the low gravity of the asteroid.


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