Maersk & NotPetya

This is a rivieting story by Wired on the NotPetya virus and how it wiped out the computer networks of companies worldwide in 2017 including Maersk. A fifth of the world's shipping capacity was shutdown for over 10 days. Shipping ports around the world had to revert to manual paper systems while Maersk IT workers flew in a sole unaffected DNS controller backup from a server in Ghana that happened to be knocked offline by a powercut before the infection.

Room Detection For IOT Devices

This Smashing Magazine tutorial demonstrates how to build a machine learning model that can predict which room you are in based on the signal strength of wifi networks around you. The system requires a map of the networks to be recorded and a model trained using the recorded data. Such a system could be useful to passively trigger IOT devices based on which room your phone is in, without the need for active notification methods like bluetooth beacons.

Better Noise Cancelling

Researchers at the University of Illinois' Coordinated Science Laboratory have demonstrated a better mechanism for noise cancelling headphones that uses wireless signals to send sound data from microphones close to the sound source, allowing less processing and microphone hardware to be installed on the headphones themselves.

Edge TPU

Google have released two new Edge TPU hardware implementations available for its Tensorflow Processing Unit. The machine learning chips can be embedded on dev board or bundled into a USB stick device. Both devices are due to be available in the Autumn.


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