Professional Diploma in UX Design

Irish company have launched the UX Design Institute, which offers an online Professional Diploma in UX Design, accredited by Glasgow Caledonian University. The course is 40 hours in duration with a 2.5 hour exam, delivered online and includes mentoring and support. I have attended a course in the past, and I found them and the material to be excellent and very worth while. The Professional Diploma in UX Design is currently available for 30% off as part of a special launch offer.

New UK Drone Laws

New Drone laws have/are coming into effect in the UK, that will restrict drones from flying higher than 400ft (120m) and within 1km of any airport. According to the UK government website, the laws are now in effect. According to, a CAA website, the laws don't coming into effect until July 30th.

Der Die Das

My friend James Leahy has created another language app, this time for German called Der die Das. The app helps you learn which German articles for nouns to use in the form of a quiz.The app will be released soon and is available for beta testing now.

Thoughtworks Technology Radar

Thoughtworks, the UK software consultancy company, have released the latest version of their Technology Radar. The radar lists items to Adopt, Access, Trial and Hold in your technology practice in the categories of techniques, tools, platforms and languages & frameworks. The lists are updated based on their experiences with their wide client base.  

Name The New Irish Supercomputer

A public vote has launched to name the new Irish supercomputer that will join Fionn in the National High Performance Computing Service in Waterford in August. The system will have 13,440 CPUs and 64TB of RAM.The public are being asked to vote from a list of Irish scientists and the winner's name will be given to the new supercomputer. You can vote here until May 24.


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