Dan Mace's Weekly Movies

Dan Mace is a filmmaker form South Africa who for the last few months has been Casey Neistat's sort of apprentice, helping out making vlogs for Casey's YouTube channel/show called 368. Dan left a successful career in filmmaking in South Africa to kickstart his YouTube career in New York (with a little help from Casey). Dan's plan is to use his creative talents to make conscious content, videos with a message or something to ponder about.

Red Shark Bikes

Spanish Industrial designer Josep Rubau has launched Red Shark Bikes. The bikes are pedal powered trimaran which allow riders to pedal and travel on water. Three different versions are available, one for fun (€4,995), one for adventures with extra storage (€6,995) and for high-performance sport (€9,995) made of carbon fibre. I'm not sure if these bikes are one of the greatest convergence ideas ever, like wheels on suitcases, or not at all.

NUIG Computer Science CPD Programmes

The School of Education in NUIG has received funding from Google's Educator Grants programme to develop professional development programmes for teachers. The CPD programmes aim to prepare and support teachers in the teaching of computational thinking and computer science. NUI Galway Receives Funding from Google for Computer Science Professional Development Programmes

The History of Super Mario Bros Level 4-2

Speedrunning is the act of playing of a video game with the goal of completing it as fast as possible. Super Mario is a popular franchised in which speedrunners attempt to out-play each other, with the latest world record set just 22 days ago on May 25th 2018. This video describes in detail the history of Super Mario Bros Level 4-2, a notoriously difficult level to speedrun through apparently.

Tom Cruise's Halo Jump

For the upcoming Mission:Impossible Fallaout movie, Tom Cruise trained and executed multiple HALO (High Altitube Low Opening) jumps to get the shot sequence for the movie. A HALO jump involves a parachute jump from an altitude of 25,000ft and free falling to 2,000ft before opening the parachute. Check out his behind the scenes video that shows the insane shot being filmed.


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