Tom Cruise's Halo Jump

For the upcoming Mission:Impossible Fallaout movie, Tom Cruise trained and executed multiple HALO (High Altitube Low Opening) jumps to get the shot sequence for the movie. A HALO jump involves a parachute jump from an altitude of 25,000ft and free falling to 2,000ft before opening the parachute. Check out his behind the scenes video that shows the insane shot being filmed.

Tricking The Eye In VR Walking

Computer scientists at Stony Brook University have developed a system to allow users of VR to explore large spaces without the need for physical spaces of the same size.The system uses eye tracking to detect when the user's eye is in saccade, when the eye rapidly darts around to take in data, which causes in the brain momentarily ignore visual signals during the motion between points in order to keep us orientated.The VR system takes advatage of these blind spots to slightly rotate the VR camera, causing the user to shift inline with their view.

Fox Vs Eagle

A young fox kills a rabbit and saunters off with its meal, happy out.Enter stage left American bald eagle swooping in to ruin Mr. Fox's dinner plans!This dramatic encounter was captured in a series of photographs by Kevin Ebi and in a video by Zachare Hartje (at the bottom of the page).Watch in the video how fast the eagle comes in!


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