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Image: A Sheep wreaking havoc (:-p) at Worm's Head in Rhosilli Bay. This photo is available to licence on EyeEm.


Friday, July 13, 2018

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TMBA Life advice, music, spiders, robots, cropmarks, Saturn sounds, 3D colour X-ray, quick self-driving, Itty Bitty, Chicken Salad Chick & a sand printer!

Every week I can't wait for Thursday to come around so I can listen to a new epsiode of The Tropical MBA podcast. Being self-employed, the topics and mindset discussed on the show really hit home and often inspire me to keep travelling down the self-employed path, or entrepreneur road as some may call it. This week, Dan and Ian discussed the intersection and divergence of the cult of entrepreneurship and the cult of early retirement.

The early retirement movement is something that fascinated me when I first hear about it (on the TMBA ep with Mr. Money Moustach). The idea is that you strictly reduce your outgoings and lifestyle while increasing your savings to the point where you can retire early and live (frugally) off your savings and its interest. Many have suceeded, Mr Money Moustash being somewhat of a posterchild for the movement. On the TMBA podcast, Dan and Ian talk about how taking this route still means you need to follow the system and put up with working for the man until your savings reach a certain level and even at that, you still have to live a life of low outgoings to maintain your low burn rate. Their counter view is that spending the time starting and building a business can result in the same or more money available, while not having to penny-pinch and in parallel, learning a bunch of skills and doing something you love (if you pick the right business to start).

I love the idea of non-frivilous spending and since discovering the early retirement movement, I try to actively question any purchases (with variable consistency :-p). I think this is a viewpoint and skill that is important in battling the ever-present hyper-consumer world we live in. In saying that however, I'm as much of a sucker for the latest Macbook or camera as the next person but if you can be mindful of spending while also building a business, be your own boss and choose the work you want to do, that sounds like a win win to me. This week's episode was a good one and certainly resparked my faith in the self-employed path. I feel like both the early retirment and entrepreneurship options are secrets that everyone on the school->college->job life trajectory should know about. They are by no means easier options, but for some, may be more worthwhile.


Rachel Ní Chuinn, Mia Zabelka - NAWR ANOIS #6

This past week, we welcomed Rachel Ní Chuinn and Mia Zabelka to Swansea. Rachel and Mia performing some amazing music for us at the NAWR ANOIS #6 concert. Check out the other photos from the concert here.


Electric Spiders

Image: None, I can't do it, I can't search for a royalty free image of a spider, I don't like spiders a lot! :-p

Spider ballooning is when a spider releases strands of silk and uses them to propel itself through the air, or so people thought. Researchers at the University of Bristol observed successful spider ballooning with the absence of any wind and even in rainy conditions. Their study discovered that spiders can detect minuscule electric fields caused by the Atmospheric Potential Gradient. Other insects such as bumblebees can detect a electric fields between themselves and flowers and can use their charge to communicate with the hive. Until now, it was not known that spiders can detect similar fields and, together with their insulating silk strands, use the fields to provide life in the absence of wind.


MIT Cheetah 3

Image: YouTube, MIT

MIT have released another video of humans being mean to robots their Cheetah 3 quadruped robot navigating a range of obstacles blind (without image sensors), including running up debris filled stairs (haha, take that Daleks!) and enduring being poked with a big stick while running and minding it's own business!



Throwing Is More Important

Image: Seths.blog

This week Seth Godin dropped some extra-mega wisdom on us. For jugglers, catching is the easy part, throwing is more important. In life, putting the working in up front, intiating properly and with a plan, throwing, is way better than reacting all the time.



Image: RCAHMW, Outline of a Roman farmstead of villa in Caerwent, South Wales.

The scorched earth and drought stricken land caused by the current heat wave is revealing the footprint of ancient settlements in land across Wales. Dr. Toby Driver, the Royal Commission's aerial investigator (bet that job title makes for an awesome business card!) is cataloging these ancient aerial clues. Many iron age and roman settlements have revealed themselves already.

Saturn-Enceladus Electric Field & Soundtrack

Image: NASA. Plasma interaction between Saturn's rings and the Enceladus moon shot by Cassini.

Images from the Cassini probe show plasme interactions between Saturn's moon Enceladus and its rings, showing that the two celestial bodies form an electric circuit. NASA researchers converted the recording of the plasma waves as they moved between Saturn and Enceladus and produced this audio file.


First 3D Colour X-Ray Using CERN Tech

Image: Mars Bioimaging Ltd.

Technology developed at CERN by New Zealand father and son scientists Professors Phil and Anthony butler called the Medipix3 has been used to produce the world's first 3D colour X-Ray. The Medipix is a chip used in the Large Hadron Collider for particle imaging and detection and has been refined by the scientists over the past 20 years. Their company MARS Bioimaging Ltd is now commercialising a 3D scanner using the technology.


Itty Bitty

Itty Bitty is a new technology/service that allows a website to be stored and delivered in a URL.
Itty Bitty can store up to 2KB of data in a compressed and encoded link and the site inflates the data when the link is visited.
(H/T to Jenn for finding this)


Self Driving AI Learns in 20 minutes

Image: Wayve

Two PhD students at Cambridge University have kitted out a Renault Twizzy with a front facing camera and used it to teach reinforment algorithm in 20 minutes to drive along a path without veering off.


Podcasts Of The Week: HIBT Chicken Salad Chick

Image: NPR

How I Built This (HIBT) is a great business podcast that highlights how now successful businesses, often household names like Ben & Jerrys or Dyson, got started and battled through to achieve success.
The story of Chicken Salad Chick on a recent episode is particularly inspiring.
This one will probably have you in tears by the end (as it did me!).


Cool Thing Of The Week: Beach Printer

Image: DesignBoom, Ivan Miranda

Spanish YouTuber Ivan Miranda created a robot that can draw out messages in the sand like an old dot matrix printer.


See you next week!

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