Edinburgh Skyline
Radiative Sky Cooling, 3D Ken Burns Effect From Single Image, Can I Email, a one person internet company, hacked charging cables, 5 million plastic hangers a week, and Protect, Restore, Fund! Read Now
Cloud Monster
The Comet, What If We Stop Pretending, ML for Frontenders, Principles & Techniques of Data Science & an AI Voice Heist! Read Now
Mazda touchscreens, budget stack, SOLID principles, SaaS customer feedback, NYT data training, UX clichés and DIY weather satellite images! Read Now
Ben Lomond
Trails of Wind, Intuitive UX, HTML5 shopping cart, Microsoft Academic Knowledge Graph, Chart.xkcd & Filmmaker Mode! Read Now
Newcastle Skyline
Newcastle, The Night With, warmer cities, 3D mapping with smartphones, Trivago ML image labelling, European Digital Economy and Society 2019, David McWilliams on a united Ireland and NULL licence plate backfire! Read Now
Latent knowledge discovery with ML, UK imports & exports, Suprema data breach, Chrome native image lazy loading, regex for noobs, Google to index podcast episodes and Ali Spagnola! Read Now
Clouds Over The Sea
#MondayMerchMonthly, 50MB web browsing, codebases, No Ageism In Tech, making money on Mechanical Turk, startup idea checklist and Colm O'Gorman on The Blindboy Podcast! Read Now
Sunset Clouds
Anna Mieke, LightSail2 flies, super tiny icons, OpenXR, Every Noise At Once, responsible flight decisions, Another Life and Richard Dawson's Jogging! Read Now


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