Snow Capped Isle of Arran
Uisce Salach, Project Silica, acoustic trap display, the quantum talk, Zín Dátheangach, The Game Changers and a 1984 C-64 easter egg! Read Now
Scottish Hill
Shandon Bells, ISSTA, laser voice commands, connected wipers, local SEO, Blindboy on biofuel & How To Lose A Country! Read Now
Sparce Clouds
McDonalds AI, Google Coral, lines of code that changed the world, free for developers and roaming eagles! Read Now
Sunset Orange
Dung beetle, deepfake impressions, Overview, Microsoft SandDance, Music from Saharan Cellphones, Éire Markings, government hackers and Edward Snowden on Joe Rogen! Read Now
Sunset Gradient
Manx, SQL murder mystery, CSS circles, easy accessibility checks, 20,000 startup ideas, how to get rich without getting lucky & Rhythm + Flow! Read Now
Ailsa Craig
The Night With, painted lady, projects vs tasks, electricity map, page speed stats, SQL query order, cancer treatment dashboard, Dowry's Numb video and The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot! Read Now
Numb by Dowry, Responsive images, outsourcing software development, destructible websites. database types, uncrackable video game, Dearg Doom Avicci remix and Gaeilge: A Radical Revolution! Read Now
The Lowry
100,000 fake faces, top 10 CSS mistakes, costly UI mask, .Net videos, acoustic quantum processing & how a drunkard was cured! Read Now


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