Watchful Sunset
Oumuamua, Moon 360, AI research papers, Graphic Short Story Prize, immediate fossil fuel phaseout, NI border and Alias parasite smart device! Read Now
The boom is back!
Kirkos, Github free repos, IBM Q System One, 2018 wind, livable cities, Ireland underwater, 24.9B pixel Shanghai, on-call wargames, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century and Arnie motivation! Read Now
Lahinch Sunset
Holiday Radio, Bill Gates, Chinese Moon landing, insect eye cam, uisce salach workshop and music network management! Read Now
Swansea Bay Sunset
Favourite TV shows, movies, albums, podcasts of 2018, IPCC Climate Change report, Frankie Boyle's review of 2018 and Repeal the 8th Read Now
Winter Wonderland Big Wheel
Hacking NYT Best Seller List, undulating robots, network effects, reactance, air scrubber ivy, background remover, space photos, fake AI faces and Byrne's Euclid! Read Now
A Bed Of Clouds
Munster, Kirkos, Mars wind, Javascript drone, plant power, Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo, Softday's Uisce Salach, Delush Don't Let Me Win, Loah From Your Heart, From Limerick and Blindboy & Bernadette Devlin McAliskey! Read Now
Tallest Flagpoles In Ireland
Swanlork, spotmini arms, Alexa skills, Tom Cruise Vs TV motion smoothing, Bill Gates book list, web dev advent calendar, 52 facts from 2018, Google Pixel 3 Portrait mode and Edge on Chromium! Read Now
Tree Fight
CRISPR babies, NASA Mars Insight, AWS Blockchain, Ecobricks, solar powered website, self coaching, spaceship art and gymnastics robots! Read Now


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