Movie Review: The Game Changers

This week I watched The Game Changers on Netflix and I was blown away. Ever since encountering How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger and, I've learnt that plant protein is far healthier than animal protein. Watching The Game Changers really contextualised this in terms that everyone can understand, using professional athletes to illustrate just how inhibiting a meat based diet can be for their performance.

How A Drunkard Was Cured is a project that digitises the National Folklore Collection of Ireland. While browsing the site for my home town of Glounthaune in Cork, I came across some fantastic stories and tales from 1938 captured in the Schools collection. One particular story was about a drunk man who used to return home from the pub on his donkey and cart once a week. On one particular occassion, the man fell asleep mid-trip and the donkey brought him back to his house. Some local boys found him and decided to play a prank on the man.

NULL Licence Plate

Information security researcher Droogie registered the licence plate NULL thinking the plate would allow his car to be invisible to the system. Instead, he got assigned $12,000 worth of traffic tickets that had been NULL data for the licence plate field!

Podcasts Of The Week: The David McWilliams Podcast - Exploring the ramifications of a united Ireland

This week I caught up with some episodes of The David McWilliams Podcast. I like the format of the episodes where his friend asks the (sometimes leading) questions which makes the content more of a conversation down the pub rather than a sermon in the church of behavioural economics. The stat man Finn also sounds a bit like The Viper, so I picture The Viper in a smoke filled room speaking in hushed tones over a laptop with Excel in full screen mode :-p.


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