Web Dev


Mandalagaba is a web drawing site that allows you to draw mandalas, snowflakes, recursive lines and other symmetric patterns using a suite of apps. They are incredibly satisfying to use and you can switch modes using the link in the bottom right hand corner.

Software Estimation

Erik Bernhardsson takes an interesting look at software estimation with some statistics. He looks at how estimating the median time of a task seems to be easier for developers than estimating the mean average, and he investigates plotting the blow-up factor (actual vs estimate time).  

Semantic HTML

Ken Bellows has a nice introduction to semantic HTML over on dev.to. While reading it, I realised that I started learning HTML 20 years ago this year! I've come along way since framesets, but not far enough apparently, time to break out some more of these fancy new tags! (Although, I do find it difficult to use <strong> instead of <b>, <b> is so much faster to type!)

The Problems With Software Hiring

Nikita Prokopov has a superb blog post about how a lot of tech companies approach the hiring of software engineers incorrectly. He pulls no punches in describing how impractical it is to write code on a whiteboard, not being able to run and test interview code, the irrelevance of puzzles and the missed opportunities when not customising interviews to the interviewee. I could not agree more with everything in this post!


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