Foreboding Sunset

Image: Foreboding Sunset, this photos is available to licence on EyeEm.


Friday, July 20, 2018

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Jupiter moons, flexbox, Stripe Press, KodakONE, Air Khruang, new henge, Pearly, Star Wars backgrounds & the DNA song!

You've probably guessed by now that I love taking photos of the sunset, particularly when clouds are involved. This photo is of a somewhat foreboding sunset this week. Here are some others.

12 New Jupiter Moons


Astronomers using the Dark Energy Camera in Chile have discovered 12 previously unknown moons around Jupiter. The team have been searching for bodies at the edge of the solar system and early last year were scanning an area overlapped by Jupiter. By readjusting their instruments, the scientists were also able to scan the space around Jupiter and subsequently found around two dozen previously unknown bodies, thought to be Jovian satellites. In May this year, the team were able to scan again and confirm their predictions for orbits of 12 of the newly found bodies, confirming their existance as moons.


Illustrated Flexbox Tutorial


Here is a great tutorial on flexbox with some really nice illustrated examples of all the different flexbox options.


Stripe Press

Image: Stripe Press

Stripe has launched Stripe Press, a book collection that highlights ideas that they think are highly useful. The first round of books available deal with company growth, humans and computers, the future of society and the current geo-political crisis.


KodakONE Blockchain Platform

Image: KodakONE

KodakONE have released details about the various blockchain technologies they are using to build their platform. The aim is to build a service that allows creators to manage and secure the rights for their photographs.



Image: Air Khruang

The band Khruangbin have created a site called Air Khruang which allows users that are taking a flight to enter their source and destination airports and receive a generated playlist of music for their flight.


New Henge

Image: Anthony Murray

Founder of Mythical Ireland Anthony Murphy discovered a new henge close to the Newgrange henge site in Brú na Bóinne in County Meath. The discovery was made using a drone to survey the area during the prolonged hot weather which caused the cropmarks of the henge to become visible. The structure dates back to 3,000 BC.

Pearly - All I Ask

Check out the great new song and video from Navan band Pearly.


Star Wars Backgrounds

Image: Twitter, Ewan Morrisson

This is a fascinating Twitter thread detailing how the backgrounds of the original Star Wars movies were created using Matte paintings on glass to create the various scenes before CGI.

Cool Thing Of The Week: XY Cell Lif3

Image: IFL Science

A biology professor at Morehouse College offered students to have their grades curved if they made a music video about any topic they had covered in class. Student Julien Turner duely obliged!


See you next week!

See you next week :-)

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