Image: Inch Beach, Dingle Peninsula. This photo is available to licence on EyeEm.


Friday, August 31, 2018

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ISSTA Limerick Sound Festival, concrete crane battery, better noise cancelling, motion retargeting video, Uzbekistan's Metro, Picular, room detection and a Windows 95 app!

While on holidays on the Dingle Peninsula, I visited Inch Beach during the small time when the weather cleared. It is a beautiful beach nestled between the Iveragh and Dingle Peninsulas. You can also drive the full length of the beach, which is amazing!

ISSTA Limerick Sound Festival

Image: Ed Devane multi-modal microphones workshop at the ISSTA Limerick Sound Festival 2018

This week I attended the ISSTA Limerick Sound Festival 2018 in The Irish World Academy in The University of Limerick. The day centered around 3 fantastic concerts with workshops, soundwalks and discussions between them. Checkout my photos from the festival here.

Concrete Crane Energy Storage

Image: Energy Vault

A startup called Energy Vault is using a 120 meter crane to store potential energy in a tower of concrete blocks that weight 35 metric tons each. The tower can store 20 megawatt hours of power and has a round-trip energy efficiency rate of 85%.


Better Noise Cancelling

Image: University of Illinois' Coordinated Science Laboratory

Researchers at the University of Illinois' Coordinated Science Laboratory have demonstrated a better mechanism for noise cancelling headphones that uses wireless signals to send sound data from microphones close to the sound source, allowing less processing and microphone hardware to be installed on the headphones themselves.


Motion Retargeting Video

Image: Caroline Chan, Shiry Ginosar, Tinghui Zhou, Alexei A. Efros

Researchers at UC Berkeley have developed a motion video retargeting system that captures dance moves from a source dancer and generates video of those dance moves being performed by a target dancer, using pose detection as the transfer medium, with seemingly good face synthesis and motion smoothing.


Uzbekistan's Metro

Image: The Guardian, Amos Chapple

The Tashkent Metro system in Uzbekistan doubles as a nuclear fallout shelter and as a result, all photography was banned in the metro until recently. The Guardian have a nice feature of photographs taken by Amos Chapple of the art and architecture of the Tashkent metro after the ban was lifted.



Image: Picular

Picular is a handy search engine for colour palettes.


Windows 95 App

Image: Felix Rieseberg

Room Detection For IOT Devices

Image: Smashing Magazine

This Smashing Magazine tutorial demonstrates how to build a machine learning model that can predict which room you are in based on the signal strength of wifi networks around you. The system requires a map of the networks to be recorded and a model trained using the recorded data. Such a system could be useful to passively trigger IOT devices based on which room your phone is in, without the need for active notification methods like bluetooth beacons.

See you next week!

See you next week :-)

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