Items of Interest

Wall++ Touch Wall

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research have developed a relatively cheap system of creating a touch wall using electrodes and conductive paint called Wall++. The smart wall system can operate in two modes; the first capactive sensing mode to detect touch; and the second electromagnetic sensing mode to detect and track an EM device's location on the wall.(H/T to Mikael for sharing this)  

Dog Neural Network

Researchers at The University of Washington have trained a neural network to act like a dog by feeding it video footage and audio from a gopro strapped to a dog. The model can predict a series of actions and movements that a dog makes given a start and end state.

New Website!

I've launched a new Found This Week website!To celebrate 2 years & 104 posts, I've decided to shift from just posting every week on Medium and build a new website for Found This Week. I want to expand the content each week with some reviews and longer blog posts too, I hope you like it!Don't forget to subscribe to get Found This Week in your inbox every Friday, thanks! :-)

When In Roam

I had the pleasure of photographing When In Roam this week, a performance art and dance show that took place in Organised Kaos in Ammanford. The show features a trio of performers exploring the concepts of home and belonging through dance and aerial performance. Check out more photos from the show here.