Items of Interest

Room Detection For IOT Devices

This Smashing Magazine tutorial demonstrates how to build a machine learning model that can predict which room you are in based on the signal strength of wifi networks around you. The system requires a map of the networks to be recorded and a model trained using the recorded data. Such a system could be useful to passively trigger IOT devices based on which room your phone is in, without the need for active notification methods like bluetooth beacons.

Uzbekistan's Metro

The Tashkent Metro system in Uzbekistan doubles as a nuclear fallout shelter and as a result, all photography was banned in the metro until recently. The Guardian have a nice feature of photographs taken by Amos Chapple of the art and architecture of the Tashkent metro after the ban was lifted.

Better Noise Cancelling

Researchers at the University of Illinois' Coordinated Science Laboratory have demonstrated a better mechanism for noise cancelling headphones that uses wireless signals to send sound data from microphones close to the sound source, allowing less processing and microphone hardware to be installed on the headphones themselves.

Harry Clarke Stained Glass Windows

Tucked away off one of the streets in Dingle is An Díseart convent of the Presentation Sisters order which I visited. In 1924, the convent commissioned Harry Clarke to created 6 sets of stained glass windows for the convert chapel. On first glance, the stained glass look to portray the usual religious scenes but on further inspection the mesmerising detail of each square centimeter of the glass becomes apparent.

Cool Thing Of The Week: Printed Paper Actuator

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University's Morphing Matter Lab have created printed paper actuators. By coating paper with conductive thermoplastic, the paper can bend, fold or flatten in response to an electric current. The video demonstrates some interesting uses for this technology, as interface controllers and as a moving publishing medium. (H/T to Mikael for sharing this.)